Even Keel Health needs a new home

Sadly, I had to leave Even Keel Health’s first home at the end of June. Many thanks to my colleague in mental health, Julie Clarke of julieclarketherapy.com, who welcomed me with open arms as I got started with my private practice.

Virtual technologies have their benefit but I sure miss face-to-face sessions as many of you do too. I’m not sure when we will get the “go ahead” to resume in-office sessions but I’m hopeful that it will be soon. With that in mind, I’m resuming my search for a great space and I’d like your help finding it.

I can imagine a few different scenarios. I’m sure there are many creative ideas out there but here are a few examples. I might be happy with…

  • sharing an already existing professional office with one or a few other health practitioners
  • getting together with kindred spirits and setting up a new space we find together
  • setting up office by myself in someone’s unused space such as a small apartment in someone’s home ( I would need a private entrance ) 
  • having an office space at an organisation where I could trade some of my services for space.

The “must have”

  • I live on White Lake and I’d like to travel no more than 50 minutes to get to the office. In or near Almonte would be my favourite but I’d consider other places.
  • With a practice focused on mental health and addiction, most of what I do can be done sitting in comfortable chairs, in a quiet, cozy space but I also need enough space to put up a portable massage table which I use as an exam bench when needed.
  • The main room needs to be large enough to sit 4 people with enough space around to not feel crowded.
  • Access to water in or near the room
  • Access to a washroom
  • Access to a waiting area
  • Parking nearby
  • Easily accessible for people with mobility restrictions
  • Good mobile phone reception  (I use Virgin i.e. Bell Network)
  • I could use the space on at least 3 separate days, for up to 24 hours a week with some hours in late mornings, afternoons and early evenings
  • Non-smoking space and minimal use of scented products

The “would be nice”

My time working as an outreach nurse prepared me to work out of a well organized backpack just about anywhere. However, given a choice, I prefer a well thought out space, engineered just right to help my people feel comfortable and safe, and help me be extra efficient and effective.

If you’ve got something that might be suitable, have some suggestions or would like to hear more about my vison for my next space  – please contact me. 


credit: Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Living in a pressure cooker?

For some people home isn’t a safe haven. I know. In the course of my professional life, I encountered and cared for many women, men and children who experienced abuse in their homes. Their stories came to mind, earlier today, as I meditated and took in the beauty of my surroundings. I was watching five goldfinches bickering over access to the feeder and boom, just like that I connected to some stored away memories. 

Why write about it? I’m writing because we need to talk about it. We all agree that the added stressors brought on by this pandemic are bringing out our best and worst selves and everything in between. 

What can we do about it?

It would be wise to keep ourselves in check 

  • Are you…
    • … growing impatient and irritable? 
    • … snapping at people? Getting short-fused?
    • … becoming rude? 
    • … isolating, feeling unfit for human interactions?

We need to protect ourselves and our kids

  • Are you …
    • … walking on egg shells? 
    • … hyper alert, constantly trying to anticipate someone else’s needs to help keep the peace? 
    • … feeling triggered? 
      • Sometimes highly stressful situations bring back unresolved past experiences and make it more difficult to cope with the current situation.
    • … worried about your safety or the safety of your kids? 
    • … worried about how your kids are coping?
    • … wishing you had someone else to think with? 

We need to be on the look out for people who need help

  • Are you …
    • … disengaging from the people around you, worried about getting in the middle of something? 
    • … trying to convince yourself that something not right is none of your business?

Help is available!

It is important to restore the balance; level the scale. Imagine on one side of this scale all the stuff which contributes to raising the stress level and on the other side of that scale all which helps us cope and thrive. 

We can positively affect the balance in two ways. We can work to decrease some of what is in the stress side and we can increase what is in the coping side. 

As an Nurse Practitioner, I have the knowledge and experience to help you with decreasing your stress and improving your resilience:

  • Together we can figure out a way to safety.
  • Together we can equip you to deal with those in your life who are not coping well. 
  • Together we can affect what is in your scale and restore some form of equilibrium.

Become your best self, not your worst! It is possible.

Worried about finding some privacy? 

We can talk over via a video conferencing platform or over the phone. Whether you are sitting in your car or walking around the block, reach out! We’ll figure out  “the how”  together. 

Are you anticipating many barriers? Have you got many questions? Book a free introduction session to see if we can work them out together. 

photo credit Lucas VanOort

person keeping balanced on one foot

Done with feeling off-kilter?

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to shift from surviving to thriving.

In the face of danger, our first response is often to run for our lives or to freeze. After the initial shock, we fight, we get busy dealing with the basic necessities of life. We function in survival mode. After a beat or two, or more, we then get into working the problem. Depending on our training and our past experience with traumatic events we go through the steps with varying speed and efficiency.

“Work the problem,” that’s one of my mantras these days. Repeating it to myself, keeps me from getting overwhelmed. Another good expression to remember is “two heads are better than one.” You may already know that I love puzzles, all kinds of puzzles. I’d like to help you with yours.

Too much stress can mess with your mental and physical health. Be brave! Be wise! Don’t wait! Get help!

Hire a nurse practitioner, a compassionate health puzzle solver. I’m here to help you get back on an even keel.

Need another reason? Looking after yourself well, will enable you to better look after those you love. It is the most worthwhile investment!

Currently, I’m using a health video conferencing platform. You can talk with me from the comfort of your home.

running away from a monster

Running Scared?

Most people manage to tolerate high levels of stress for a little while but what happens when a little while turns into longer and then longer still? 

Do you know how to keep your mind sharp and your body resilient while dealing with these highly stressful times? Do you know enough strategies to mitigate the effects of stress?  

Before take off, travellers on airplanes are reminded that they should put on their own oxygen masks first and then help those requiring assistance. Making sure you remain at your best physically and mentally is not only wise, it is the best way of ensuring that you will be able to continue looking after your loved ones.

My psychologist and my physician have my back. Who’s got yours? I encourage you to get the help you need to look after yourself!

I’m using a health video conferencing platform. You can talk with me from the comfort of your home. You’ve got questions about how this works? Ask for a free introduction session.

Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner


Happy Nurse Practitioner Week!

I want to take a moment to celebrate my Nurse Practitioner colleagues. This week is National NP week. A good time to take a breath and recognize the valuable contributions of these amazing healthcare providers.

Some people say Nurse Practitioners are “fairly new.” Really!? How long do you have to be around to no longer be fairly new? I guess everything is relative. Still, did you know that we’ve had nurse practitioners providing care in Canada for nearly 50 years? At first, we saw most of them working in remote and rural areas but now we’re in acute care hospitals, family health teams, community health centres, Physicians’ offices, NP-Led clinics, private practice and many other places where health care is needed.

My post graduate nursing education has prepared me to expand my scope of practice and allowed me to really grow as a nurse. I love that as an NP we can diagnose illnesses, order & interpret diagnostic tests, refer to other health care professionals and specialists, provide counselling and education, provide treatment, prescribe all medications and manage chronic diseases.

I, personally, feel most passionate about helping people recover from mental health and addiction problems. I feel strongly about integrating my patients’ mental health and or addiction problems within their overall health care plan. My mission : to get you back on an even keel.

Please join me in celebrating the Nurse Practitioners in your life.

Learn more about the 3,700 Nurse Practitioners in Ontario at NPAO.org

Learn more about Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner at EvenKeelHealth.ca


Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Pills spilling from a bottle

Let’s Talk About Addictions – November 21 Seminar

Have you ever wondered if…

  • your alcohol consumption has more to do with coping with life than simply enjoying a nice beverage with friends?
  • the pain meds you’re still using are for more than physical pain?
  • someone you care about is struggling with substance use disorder?

It is easier to stop avoiding these worries once you know what to do.

Help yourself! Help others! Join us to learn how to tackle addiction problems.

The next in our Wellness Seminar Series will take place on Thursday, 21 November 2019, at the Almonte Branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library (155 High Street, Almonte, Ontario). We meet from 7 – 9pm.

RSVP with your host Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner, by email at healher2@gmail.com or by phone or text at (613) 558-1967.

Hand above water

Let’s Talk About Mental Health – November 7 Seminar

Have you ever gone to your health care provider’s office concerned about your mental health and found yourself walking out without having managed to get the words out?

Have you ever had a loved one hint that something wasn’t quite right and found yourself changing the subject? You just didn’t know what to say.

Those scenarios are very common.

Join us for the next in our Wellness Seminar Series on Thursday, 7 November 2019, at the Almonte Branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library (155 High Street, Almonte, Ontario). We meet from 7 – 9pm.

We will talk about the challenges we face when seeking help and how we might all do better talking about mental health.

RSVP with your host Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner, by email at healher2@gmail.com or by phone or text at (613) 558-1967.

Hands held us to say stop

Setting Limits – October 10 Seminar

Setting limits! Learn some tips and techniques to be more effective at setting limits with the disruptive people in your life.

This is our next topic on the agenda for our bi-weekly Wellness Seminar Series.

Join us Thursday, 10 October 2019, 7pm, at the Almonte Branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library (155 High Street, Almonte, Ontario).

RSVP with your host Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner, by email at healher2@gmail.com or by phone or text at (613) 558-1967.

Woman sleeping in a hammock

Sleep: Wouldn’t it be nice! September 26 Seminar

Without sleep everything else feels worse. Learn what you can do to get more sleep, as well as better quality sleep.

This will be the second evening in the Wellness Seminar Series being offered this fall at the Mississippi Mills Public Library, Almonte Branch (155 High Street, Almonte). The bi-weekly seminars are being held on Thursday evenings, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The next topic, Sleep: Wouldn’t it be nice? will be presented on September 26, 2019.

The series is relevant to people of all ages who are aiming to reach optimum levels of physical and mental health. I am offering this series to engage members of my community in improving their own health knowledge and skills and becoming more able to help others around them. A strong, healthy community benefits everyone.

RSVP with your host Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner, by email at healher2@gmail.com or by phone or text at (613) 558-1967.