Even Keel Health needs a new home

Sadly, I had to leave Even Keel Health’s first home at the end of June. Many thanks to my colleague in mental health, Julie Clarke of julieclarketherapy.com, who welcomed me with open arms as I got started with my private practice.

Virtual technologies have their benefit but I sure miss face-to-face sessions as many of you do too. I’m not sure when we will get the “go ahead” to resume in-office sessions but I’m hopeful that it will be soon. With that in mind, I’m resuming my search for a great space and I’d like your help finding it.

I can imagine a few different scenarios. I’m sure there are many creative ideas out there but here are a few examples. I might be happy with…

  • sharing an already existing professional office with one or a few other health practitioners
  • getting together with kindred spirits and setting up a new space we find together
  • setting up office by myself in someone’s unused space such as a small apartment in someone’s home ( I would need a private entrance ) 
  • having an office space at an organisation where I could trade some of my services for space.

The “must have”

  • I live on White Lake and I’d like to travel no more than 50 minutes to get to the office. In or near Almonte would be my favourite but I’d consider other places.
  • With a practice focused on mental health and addiction, most of what I do can be done sitting in comfortable chairs, in a quiet, cozy space but I also need enough space to put up a portable massage table which I use as an exam bench when needed.
  • The main room needs to be large enough to sit 4 people with enough space around to not feel crowded.
  • Access to water in or near the room
  • Access to a washroom
  • Access to a waiting area
  • Parking nearby
  • Easily accessible for people with mobility restrictions
  • Good mobile phone reception  (I use Virgin i.e. Bell Network)
  • I could use the space on at least 3 separate days, for up to 24 hours a week with some hours in late mornings, afternoons and early evenings
  • Non-smoking space and minimal use of scented products

The “would be nice”

My time working as an outreach nurse prepared me to work out of a well organized backpack just about anywhere. However, given a choice, I prefer a well thought out space, engineered just right to help my people feel comfortable and safe, and help me be extra efficient and effective.

If you’ve got something that might be suitable, have some suggestions or would like to hear more about my vison for my next space  – please contact me. 


credit: Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash