Frequently Asked Questions

What is a nurse practitioner?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse in the extended class RN(EC). To merit those credentials the registered nurse (RN) must completed advanced university education and successfully complete the licensing exam. To retain these credentials she must continue to further her education by completing continuing educations activities and meeting the requirements of her licensing body, in my case, those of the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Can you be my primary care provider?

Perhaps you don’t have a regular family doctor or a nurse practitioner looking after you.

At this time, I am unable to offer that service. Currently, the office I share is set up for some services but not all services that a primary care provider normally offers.

Talk to me about your health concerns. Maybe I can be of assistance while we help you find one.  

I already have a primary care provider (MD or NP). Can I see you too?

Yes, you can. I believe in not duplicating services so my role will be different. My purpose will be to complement your primary care provider’s services by using my expertise in the areas of mental health and / or addiction. We will make sure to keep your provider apprised of what we are doing and use a shared care model.

My insurance company wants to know if you are a registered psychotherapist. Are you?

My scope of practice as a nurse practitioner includes psychotherapy. In Ontario there are six regulated health care professions whose license allows them to practice psychotherapy and nursing is one of the six.  Here are some helpful links to information about health care legislation in Ontario:

Can you refer to specialists?

Yes. Nurse practitioners, just like MDs, can refer to colleagues when the need arises. We also take advantage of a system of eConsults.

What’s different about you?

I have spent the better part of my nursing career looking after people who struggled with addictions and mental health disorders, in addition to the usual health problems typically encountered in primary care practices. Read more about this on the About Nathalie page.

Are your services covered by OHIP?

The short answer is NO, my services are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Unfortunately the system hasn’t yet caught up to the changing face of health care.  Currently, as an Ontario nurse practitioner, the lab & diagnostic tests which I order are paid for by OHIP, but I cannot bill OHIP for my services.

Why don’t other nurse practitioners charge fees for their services?

Most NPs working in Ontario are hired on teams such as Family Health Teams, Community Health Centres, hospitals and are paid a salary, which is either financed by the province or by pooled resources of the members of the team who can bill OHIP.

Those who like me work independently do not receive a salary from the province.

Can I get some of the fees reimbursed?

Some private health insurance companies will reimburse some the costs. It will depend on what your private insurance plan covers. You may also be eligible for a tax credit on your income tax report.

What are your fees?

Fees vary according to the services. The initial phone consultation is free. You can choose to start with a free introduction session. We will discuss your situation and the fees which will apply.

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