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Let’s Talk About Mental Health – November 7 Seminar

Have you ever gone to your health care provider’s office concerned about your mental health and found yourself walking out without having managed to get the words out?

Have you ever had a loved one hint that something wasn’t quite right and found yourself changing the subject? You just didn’t know what to say.

Those scenarios are very common.

Join us for the next in our Wellness Seminar Series on Thursday, 7 November 2019, at the Almonte Branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library (155 High Street, Almonte, Ontario). We meet from 7 – 9pm.

We will talk about the challenges we face when seeking help and how we might all do better talking about mental health.

RSVP with your host Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner, by email at healher2@gmail.com or by phone or text at (613) 558-1967.

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