two rule books

Lead by example!

Living by one’s core values can be a difficult thing to do. To help me live by mine, I have some mantras which guide and motivate me to stay on my chosen path. 

“Lead by example” is one such mantra which was added to my repertoire when I was in my teens and active with the sea cadets. 

As a nurse practitioner, I often find myself in a position to provide advice, to expect others to follow my instructions. Most of the advice I offer is well received and some is no doubt, hard to follow.  

How do I know that? I know because from time to time, when I find myself in a difficult situation I think to myself: “what would I advise my self, if I were my patient?”

If I have sound advice for my self then I know that I must try to follow it. I know I do, especially if I also want to be able to feel authentic the next time I advise someone else to do the same. 

My experiences and the empathy I feel for my patients, fuels the compassion I can show to them as they take those difficult steps toward a steadier and happier self.

As a leader, a supervisor, a parent are you leading by example? Are you following your own advice or are you living your life with two rule books: one for others and one for yourself?

If you’d like help with that, reach out ! I’m here to help you.

To discover some of my other helpful mantras come back soon. 😉


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Changing Isn’t Easy – September 12 Seminar

Don’t wait until January to make resolutions about improving the state of your health!

Join us every second Thursday, 7pm – 9 pm, at the Almonte Branch of the Mississippi Mills Public Library. Your host Nathalie Graveline, a nurse practitioner from Even Keel Health, will be offering a series of seminars on a wide range of topics relevant to those seeking knowledge and skills to improve their health.

Thursday, September 12 2019, we will begin with Changing Isn’t Easy! Improve your ability to reach the goals you set and also learn how to be a helpful ally to those trying to change.

Next, on September 26 Sleep: Wouldn’t it be nice? Without sleep everything else feels worse! Learn what you can do to get more, as well as better quality sleep. More topics will be covered throughout the fall.

RSVP with your host Nathalie Héloïse Graveline, Nurse Practitioner, by email at or by phone or text at (613) 558-1967.