two rule books

Lead by example!

Living by one’s core values can be a difficult thing to do. To help me live by mine, I have some mantras which guide and motivate me to stay on my chosen path. 

“Lead by example” is one such mantra which was added to my repertoire when I was in my teens and active with the sea cadets. 

As a nurse practitioner, I often find myself in a position to provide advice, to expect others to follow my instructions. Most of the advice I offer is well received and some is no doubt, hard to follow.  

How do I know that? I know because from time to time, when I find myself in a difficult situation I think to myself: “what would I advise my self, if I were my patient?”

If I have sound advice for my self then I know that I must try to follow it. I know I do, especially if I also want to be able to feel authentic the next time I advise someone else to do the same. 

My experiences and the empathy I feel for my patients, fuels the compassion I can show to them as they take those difficult steps toward a steadier and happier self.

As a leader, a supervisor, a parent are you leading by example? Are you following your own advice or are you living your life with two rule books: one for others and one for yourself?

If you’d like help with that, reach out ! I’m here to help you.

To discover some of my other helpful mantras come back soon. 😉


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