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Struggling with Mental Health & Addictions?

The term concurrent disorders refers to co-occurring mental health problems and addictions.

  • Examples of mental health problems include depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.
  • Examples of addictions include alcohol, drugs, and gambling

Anyone struggling with mental health and addiction has concurrent disorders. This can make for a complex puzzle – I can help.

Concurrent disorders affect a person’s ability to function and will cause varying levels of emotional distress. They also make a person more vulnerable to physical health problems.

Mental health problems + Addiction problems = Concurrent disorders

Concurrent disorders + physical health problems + psychosocial problems = a complex puzzle

The good news is that with appropriate treatment, people can recover.

Research on concurrent disorders shows that people who receive services that have an integrated or coordinated approach have better health outcomes.

If you’d like to work on your health problems with someone who understands that, give me a call to discuss your situation and to book your first session now. The first consultation is FREE.

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