Services Available

Clients, family members, friends, frontline workers, health care providers and teams, I have health services to help you all get back on an even keel.

Health Services

Advanced Practice Nursing, Health Advice, Counselling or Psychotherapy 

Group Facilitation

Leader or co-facilitator of support groups

Health Education / Health promotion

Talks, seminars and workshops on wide-ranging topics – I’ll go to you or you come to me. 

Care for the Provider

I look after the health care providers too.

group mentoring session

Consultation to health providers or health teams

Clinical advice for you or your team to better serve your clients

Consultation to struggling teams

Support to teams looking to improve their efficacy and cohesion.

Nursing / Health Advice / Counselling / Psychotherapy

It is common to not know exactly what you need, before you reach out for help. No matter the situation, I can help you regain your balance. Together we can clarify the situation, identify the problems, draw up a plan and get you back on an even keel. Should we need additional help, I can assist you with that too.

Group Facilitation

When it comes to support groups, one size does not fit all! If you haven’t found your place amongst the already existing support groups out there, know that you are not alone. Perhaps you already know a few other people in the same boat and would all like a skilled practitioner to facilitate the discussion, make sure everyone has the opportunity to participate and feels at ease. I might be the facilitator for you. Are you leading a group and need a co-facilitator? I can help.

Health Education / Health Promotion

Are you in charge of health promotion in your work place or group? Are you interested in a particular health topic? Do you want someone to talk to a group you are convening? Let’s talk!
Also, keep an eye on the patient information page for upcoming seminars and workshops I will be offering.

Assistance for health care professionals and frontline workers

Health care providers need a special something when they finally seek help for their own physical health, mental health or addiction issues. I might be well suited to help you.

Consultation services: support to health care practitioners

Do you have patients in your practice whose health issues are complicated by addiction and mental health issues? Have you or your colleagues been dealing with difficult behavioural issues? Have you been struggling to get a consensus on where or how to set the limits? Mental health and addiction is not everyone’s forte; if you’d like to discuss a case with a colleague, I’m here for you.

Consultation services : support to teams

Is your work group suffering? Your team not performing the way it used to? Human beings are not the only intricate systems which can get off balance. Groups have a life too. They sometimes need skilled, external attention to figure out what is disrupting their optimal functioning and a plan to help bring it back on an even keel.

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