Even Keel Health : Health Services that fit your needs.

My Mission: Helping you get back on an even keel!

Counselling Plus

I provide counselling plus other health services to those who struggle with health problems complicated by mental health and or substance use disorders.

I serve the communities close to where I live. My office is in Almonte and I will travel to towns in the vicinity (i.e. White Lake, Arnprior, Pakenham, Kinburn, Carleton Place, Carp, Renfrew, etc.) to facilitate group sessions and to offer health seminars and workshops.

A Nurse Practitioner for you

Nathalie Héloïse Graveline
Nathalie Héloïse Graveline

I am an experienced nurse practitioner, who is serious about integrating mental health care into your overall health care plan.

Is Even Keel Health for you?

If you answer yes to the following questions then: Yes ! Even Keel Health is for you.

  1. Are you 13 years of age or older?
  2. Do you want help with any of the following?
  • Mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, etc. )
  • Feeling overwhelmed with your life’s challenges
  • Alcohol or substance use disorders
  • Feeling stuck while trying to make a big decision
  • Facing a significant life change
  • Living with a chronic health condition
  • Living with unresolved pain
  • Having trouble getting over a traumatic experience
  • Sleep problems
  • Dealing with the illness of a loved one
  • Concentration problems such as with ADHD, post traumatic brain injury, etc.
  • Having difficulty getting along with others
  • Wondering if you are a highly sensitive person and how to best compose with that
  • Something else not in the list  – check with me
  1. Do you have health care insurance which covers health counselling plus other health services from a nurse practitioner or are you able to pay for health care services?
  2. Are you able to travel to Almonte for your appointments?